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The Now Find Family of Apps has been designed to connect consumers to the Consumer-Packaged Goods that they are actively searching for in their local grocery store or online. With 17 dietary filters, and growing, our apps pinpoint market to those people who are looking for a product that fits their dietary needs. Contact us today to start having people Now Find your products!

Who We Are

Jessica MacDonald and Justin Lee founded JHMJLL, Inc. in 2014 in response to their own issues with gluten allergies and other health issues. They know from personal experience – as well as that of friends and employees – that food restrictions are difficult to manage, and they have dedicated themselves to helping others navigate their way to safe food choices.

We make apps to help reach consumers actively searching for products like yours! With over 100,000 downloads and growing, The Now Find Family of Apps is the industry leader in marketing to specialty diet and allergy aware consumers

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